I’ve submitted a timesheet for the wrong week/month, what do I do?

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There are several options for this and the one you should choose, depends on the current status of the timesheet. To find out the status of the timesheet you can either view it from the Timesheet summary page or the Timesheet detail page. To navigate to the summary page, click on ‘Timesheets’ in the lefthand menu. The status of the …

How do I delete a timesheet?

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Depending on your role, you have different permissions for timesheet deletion as follows: For agency admins: You can delete a timesheet in any status (Pending, accepted, rejected) at any time. For contractors: You can delete your timesheets only whilst they are in the pending status. Authorisers: You cannot delete timesheets.How to delete a timesheetGo to wherever the timesheet is, this …

How do I save a timesheet as a PDF?

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From the timesheet detail page you can download a PDF of your timesheet. To do this: Go to Timesheets (in the left hand menu) and then select the timesheet you want to view the detail for by clicking on it. Once you’re there, you should see “Timesheet detail” in the top centre of the page. Just below the page title …

How to submit a timesheet

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To submit a timesheet for authorisation: 1. Log in using the email address that you were invited to the system with. 2. Assuming you only have one role, you will be taken straight to the ‘Timesheet summary’ page (this is in the header). If you are not on this page, select ‘Timesheets’ on the left-hand menu. 3. Click ‘Add timesheet’ …

How to log in as a Contractor

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Your agency will have invited you to join a contract via an email. Click on the link in the email, set your password and that’s it, you’re all set. Your login details are now your email address and password. To log in, go to our homepage and click on the ‘Log in’ button on the top right.

Why can’t I see a date in the datepicker?

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Dates are defined by your agency and are set at a contract and contractor level. Date pickers only display the dates that are within the start and end dates set to you as an individual contractor and hide any dates outside of this. If you need to submit a timesheet for a date that you cannot see, then get in …