How to submit a timesheet

James Warrack For Contractors

To submit a timesheet for authorisation:

1. Log in using the email address that you were invited to the system with along with your password.

2. On the video, you will notice there are several different Roles. You will probably just have one unless you work for more than one agency who uses the SaveTrees system. If this is the case, select the agency that you would like to submit a timesheet for.

3. Select ‘Timesheets’ on the left-hand menu.

4. Click the ‘Add a timesheet entry’ button in the top right.

5. Fill in the form with the relevant information. Make sure you select the correct contract at the top of the form as there will be more than one if you have worked for more than one client for that agency.

6. Repeat step 5 for each day that you would like to submit a time entry for.

Once you submit the timesheet, it will display as ‘pending’ until the authoriser has accepted or rejected it.