I’ve submitted a timesheet for the wrong week/month, what do I do?

James Warrack For Contractors

There are several options for this and the one you should choose, depends on the current status of the timesheet.

To find out the status of the timesheet you can either view it from the Timesheet summary page or the Timesheet detail page. To navigate to the summary page, click on ‘Timesheets’ in the lefthand menu. The status of the timesheet should be obvious from there. To navigate to the Timesheet detail page, go to the Timesheet summary page and click on the timesheet you’re looking for. The Timesheet status will be towards the top right of the page.

If the timesheet is pending

You can simply delete it. Here’s how you can delete your timesheet.

If the timesheet is accepted

Speak to your agency.

If the timesheet is rejected

It doesn’t matter, you don’t need to do anything, just resubmit for the correct date.